A Chinese acoustic space solution brand that has just as much a sense of mission as Tesla

Today is the day of the establishment of Tesla's American headquarters, that is, the factory in Austin, Texas. Then I watched some videos. I also have a strong interest in Tesla, and Elon Musk's personal charm.Because he is doing this kind of work from solar energy to electric cars, and then to space X rockets, and then I has read all his biographies about him, and there is a lot of resonance and respect for the company's determination to Musk's industrial design, including his concept of sustainable development.


Then the establishment of the American large factory with Cybertruck launched, I think it has also brought a lot of thinking to those of us who are doing this, we are doing this, this space concept, in particular, there are a lot of ideas about industrial design and the concept of health.


We,Shanghai TFT make this product as a silent room, a kind of quiet space. Now, in the market, whether in Europe, America or China, there are many fancy silent rooms everywhere.

Originally, it was just a very simple one. It was a space that needed to be quiet to improve people's production efficiency or to provide a space for thinking.


As a result, many of these manufacturers added some so-called technological elements for the so-called heart.

For example, they put a small lifting table in it, then some people said that they had embedded some speaker systems and to put some camera lights.

To improve this, some are doing some video conferences. Or when doing this kind of live broadcast, it produces a good effect.

Some of them are still doing some very smart things like doors, smart locks, and face recognition. I think these are all over-developed trends.

The original simple one is like our Tesla products.Such a high-quality car, it has been to reduce costs, the biggest product design of Tesla Elon Musk is to reduce costs and be friendly to use, including this sustainable concept.


Similarly, our product is also the same. It is only such a product, but it has no indeed made a lot of so-called technological innovations.I also want to publish another article about my thoughts on this kind of silent room and our space cabin and office pod products.


Let's write it together today. Our products are mainly focused on the sound-proof effect, the environmental protection of the materials, and the simplicity of use.

Of course, we also have a lot of third-party matching things, matching elements, such as some furniture, comfortable furniture, larger space, comfortable furniture in a single room.

You can put a relatively simple and practical bar, or a lift desk, if we really want to use this kind of lift to make the office feel comfortable standing desk, we can also use the market to have a lot of things that do not need to be developed at all.


There are a lot of very mature standing desks, including audio equipment,In fact, you can completely put a very good JBL or BOSS influence, or some of our domestic speaker brands in the Chinese market, including the lighting atmosphere.Then we can have a lot of good lights to be placed freely. So in this area, I don't think it's important for us.


Our innovation lies in this application scenario. In particular, we recently launched a port called outdoor backyard pod.


It can be equipped with air conditioning. It also has a system of solar energy interface. You can use solar panels. Then, we also set up a solar energy converter in the cabin, which is a system of inverter interface.Then we can realize a comprehensive utilization of this resource.


At the same time, we also think that because this itself is a more environmentally friendly product, or a healthy way of working, we definitely hope that more people, ah, whether in the noisy office, or in the production workshop, or in the home office,We all hope to adopt a low-cost, cost-effective product that everyone can accept to match the market.


In fact, just like Elon Musk's Tesla car, it definitely wants to be owned by the majority as a goal, just like he mentioned today that it will reach such a 20% market share in a few years, and then from less than 1% now, so its output should be the output.Therefore, it is gradually moving towards such a scale, allowing more people to enjoy such a friendly product. Of course, from the concept of this friendly product, it is mainly the comprehensive utilization of the public natural environment, as well as the charging, including the use of solar panels. Instead, it includes such a research on cost reduction and material safety, and environmental protection, as well as improvement. I think this should be a transportation that should be mainly taken into consideration when making this kind of industrial product, and it is absolutely not to add some extra things.



Of course, this product is also the same as a space cabin, office pod, soundproof phone booth. In fact, it is like a car,Tesla is a mobile car with comfortable space, and our business office pod and space cabin is comfortable. It is a fixed or mobile cabin, but it is that kind of mobile way. In fact, if you do some decoration in this way, it is also like a car.We can also use the same material as the body sticker to do some exterior decoration, some DIY, some graffiti, and make some of our own brand and logo.


I think there is actually a very mature plan in this area to suggest to our users. In fact, it is also our own idea, including the use of outdoor. We may also use some APP software.Then to monitor the electricity consumption inside, including some of the life inside, including some of the large size, we can also make a lonely room, a sports room, in fact, we can apply more light, more healthy, more green products, so this is also the direction we should consider.


Of course, our main consideration in the next step is to make this product not more complex, but simpler, so that everyone can use it.

It is also a hot product of shared co working office. This was also the consideration of one of our test designers at that time.

So today, based on the establishment of Tesla's super factory, we think about such a concept, and then sort it out and publish it, hoping to attract more people's attention to our products and some thinking about the real product design, so that our products can be used by more people.

We will do our part for our green earth and sustainable world. Thank you.



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