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Featured Office Partitions

 TFT acoustic privacy panel

Acoustic office partition, TFT acoustic privacy panel, the easiest, most affordable solution for restoring peace and productivity to your place of work made from lightweight, recycled PET materials, which can absorb up to 85% of ambient noise to provide a functional, attractive, visual and acoustic barrier between you and unwanted distractions.


TFT space dividers

For a more productive work space, choose a set of TFT space dividers. They are available as back panels in two popular sizes as well as side panels to provide even more solitude. They are easy to install and feature an adjustable height for fixed levels of privacy or you can hang them upside down to create a modesty panel, the blocks the view beneath your desk to create quiet, productive spaces, in an open office environment choose TFT room dividers. You can use a single panel to create separation between two desks or link it unlimited number of panels to break up even the largest rooms, best of all.


TFT acoustic floor standing panels

The zipper connections are easy to use as well as flexible. This lets you get creative when you wrap space dividers around a cluster of desks or a small meeting table. Refocus won't add to the noise, mix and match five low key colors to complement your core, then personalize your panels to create the optimal work space. you can upgrade your space at a great price anytime, TFT acoustic privacy floor standing panels, cut noise, eliminate distractions, increase productivity.

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Commonly asked

Commonly asked

How long does it take to complete an order?

Custom orders take 3 to 5 days to process, depending on the item purchased. We do provide express processing with next-day delivery for an additional fee.

Can I inspect the goods before receiving them?

Yes, you can check the quality of the goods before proceeding to payment.

What should I do if there is a problem on my custom order?

We sincerely apologize if the merchandise you received differed from what you ordered. Please contact our customer service to arrange for the item to be returned for a free replacement.

How long does shipment normally take?

Shipping takes between 2 and 3 business days for standard delivery. We do offer next-day delivery if your need is urgent.


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