Efficient Workflow: Swift TFT Office Phone Booth Production & Delivery

At TFT Office Trend, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled efficiency and expeditious service. Our commitment to meeting diverse customer demands while maintaining top-tier product quality remains unwavering. We take immense pride in offering an in-depth understanding of how we orchestrate the rapid production and delivery of TFT office phone booths, tailored to meet individualized specifications.

One of our standout attributes lies in our remarkable production speed. In a mere span of 10 days, from production initiation to full-container shipping, we ensure a seamless process aimed at delivering excellence. Shipping from the 21st, our shipments to the United States take a swift 13-day journey, culminating ina remarkable 35-day delivery timeframe.

This efficiency is not merely a display of our operational velocity but is emblematic of our robust supply chain, production capacity, transportation prowess, and seamless collaboration among various departments within our organization.

Our production process is meticulously structured to accommodate customizations in color, furniture, and internal sound-absorbing panels, ensuring personalized solutions without compromising on speed. Utilizing robust wooden crates for packaging, our modular approach ensures safe long-distance transportation. Each module is carefully separated by cardboard dividers within the crates, preventing any potential damage during transit.

Upon completion of production and thorough inspection by the client, the final payment triggers our swift dispatch protocol. We meticulously arrange for sea freight via the fastest vessels to the US, employing specialized transport to ferry the packaged office phone booths directly to port warehouses. Our port partners meticulously handle containerization and loading onto ships.

Upon arrival at the port, our partnered logistics firms take charge of customs clearance, container unloading, and cargo retrieval. Delivery to the client's designated address is carried out via trucks, facilitated by our meticulous transportation agents. Prior to delivery, our agents confirm and schedule delivery times with clients through two separate phone calls, ensuring reliability and convenience surpassing traditional courier services.

For orders exceeding 8 units, our proficient installation teams offer complimentary services. Our office phone booths, thanks to their modular design and transport schemes, simplify installation. With detailed installation guidelines provided, even self-installation becomes effortless and straightforward for users.

We are dedicated to catering to the unique needs of our customers while upholding world-class product quality and delivering service with utmost sincerity and warmth. TFT Office Trend stands as your premier consultant and manufacturer of office products, committed to your professional needs.

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