Open space offices or Separate offices?

Open space offices are the top trend of the 21st century. They promote the same playing field for every individual in the office and this concept goes hand-in-hand with an egalitarian type of community in the workplace.

Open space offices provide an unbarred perspective to conventional types of offices. They include multiple places to sit and work across the wide space and do not restrict employees to working in specific rooms.

Separate room offices are the more conventional route to take and are still widely used today.

They entail private rooms across the overall office which include designated spots for each individual to work. Each individual can customize their own space to their liking. This setup ensures privacy in the workplace as well as a quieter environment to revel in.


Is an Open office solution the way to go?


Promotes Teamwork and collaboration


The collaborative open space inspires co-workers to come up to each other and share their ideas about how they can improve their work together.

Because there is no room for isolation in this type of environment, employees will often come together and bring new agendas to the table and work together instead of facing it alone.


Establishes a sense of community as everyone is surrounded by each other


Working together in the same space allows for bonds and casual relationships to be made. The staff as a whole feel like they are part of a trustworthy community.


More economical than traditional offices


Open space offices are a lot more affordable than conventional offices. Costs are cut down as there is no need to spend on individual office rooms.


However, there are some concerns about Open space offices too.


Lack of Privacy can be an issue


The Open office solution, whilst being very advantageous to employees, can pose the issue of not being able to find private spaces to go to when the need arises.

A solution to this is our Office phone booth which is designed to accommodate a worker’s need for privacy in a busy and ongoing environment. They can discreetly take their phone calls with minimal background noise and sufficient personal space. They are easily portable and add to the overall ambiance of the office environment.


Distracting Atmosphere due to background noise and commotion


The free-flowing atmosphere of Open space offices can be quite distracting at times, especially if multiple employees are talking simultaneously or taking business calls.

To combat this, our Office partitions come in quite useful. They are designed to provide a healthy separation between co-workers so that each can focus on their designated work. Furthermore, they can freestyle and decorate their Office partitions to their liking which presents a sense of ownership and individualism for the employee.


Are Separate room offices better?


Increased Focus and productivity


Perhaps the biggest advantage of Separate room offices is that they demand the individual to get into the state of mind involving productivity. This allows for greater focus on the task at hand and can result in the smooth and efficient running of the Office as a whole.


Provides privacy for one’s personal dealings


Separate room offices provide the needed personal space so that individuals can have the arbitrary power to spend their time the way they want. A private room for one’s professional dealings is something that most people desire.


Fewer Distractions as there is minimal interference and noise from outside


The individual gets to work on their own with minimal interference from colleagues and this calls for fewer distractions altogether. Without the sound of office chatter and daily activities, the employee can focus on their work quite easily.

The Office partitions maintain the individual’s self-privacy and encourage healthy boundaries amongst office workers.




Can pose as an isolating environment


Whilst Private spaces may seem reasonable, they are considered as quite an isolating experience for the employee. Without normal and sufficient conversational breaks, the individual can feel a little lonely in their separate room office.

One must keep the health and well-being of their employees in mind when deciding on whether to invest in Open office solutions or separate room offices.


Can be quite costly as each office cubicle needs to be catered for

Separate room offices are notorious for not being of economical prices because of the costs associated with office supplies, separate desks, and office doors. This is a very common deterrent that prevents people from opting for Separate room offices.


The Takeaway:


It truly all depends on the Business Office’s needs and desires for their space. Certain franchises or businesses would prefer Open office solutions whereas others, without a second thought, would immediately go towards Separate room offices.


Several companies gravitate towards the idea of a close-knit office community associated with Open space offices. Others would much rather respect the high levels of privacy given off by Separate room offices. And our products can aid you in making these decisions.

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