PET Made Products - Promoting Peaceful Environment and More

The special performance advantage of the PET sheet is that it is directly presented in the simplest processing form to take into account the dual function of sound absorption and noise reduction and beautification of the commercial environment. We should not overuse some auxiliary materials to do secondary or even tertiary processing, so I personally feel that pet sheets will become the new favorite in the use of the sheet. After all, in the future advertising decoration, hotel decoration, and even home decoration will quickly occupy a huge market share. Let us join hands, use PET environmental protection sheets, and build a green earth home.


PET Acoustic Phone Booth

PET Acoustic Phone Booth

In order to put this concept into practice, TFT has been working since 2020 on the development of this 100% PET acoustic panels phone booth, which is not only lightweight and mobile but also durable, available in a wide range of colors and at an affordable price, helping to promote the rapid spread of noise-resistant products and giving more commercial scenes the opportunity to use them, away from the unhealthy aspects of space such as noise pollution and energy distraction that are not taken seriously today.

Expected PET Applications

These PET products will induce huge changes in our lives. Just think about it. A room in your house or office, that is sound free. Taking a nap, or sitting in that room for some time will be enough for a clear head and relaxed mind. Apart from that, there are a number of other uses that such rooms could be put into. For example, a conference room in an office requires silence, but the people attending the conference may whisper every now and then. A PET soundproof foam room would serve as the best place for such events. It can absorb all the unwanted voices, contributing to your perfect conference room.

PET as an Artificially Engineered Plastic

PET is an artificially engineered plastic that is not only being used for architecture and acoustic purposes. Packaging and textile are two other major industries that are making the most out of this plastic. It has some major characteristics that make it better than other plastics. Some of these are as follows:

  • It is shatterproof. This property makes it the top contender as a packaging material.
  • Its chemical resistance is useful in transporting food and other consumable products.
  • It is both lightweight and strong.
  • It is transparentwhich makes blending easy. Hence, engineers can combine PET with other materials to abstract favorite results.
  • It is Hence, it is easily recyclable, reducing environmental pollution to a great extent.


These special characteristics are the reason why PET sound panels are getting so hyped. They impart so many outstanding uses. But the most liked and widely used application of these sheets is to build acoustic products. Acoustic technology is gaining popularity quite rapidly and PET sheets are the reason behind this success. With the current pace, scientists believe to improve acoustic technology a thousandfold in the coming few years. Not only that, scientists are determined to discover various other new fields in which PET sheets can create wonders.

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