Quiet Spaces for Busy Places: Exploring the Impact of Office Phone Booths

The most common complaint from employees in open-plan offices revolves around the continuous background noise. Numerous studies have shown that workplace distractions hinder employees' ability to fully engage in their tasks, leading to increased stress levels and reduced overall productivity.


In such a scenario, the emergence of office phone booths offers an effective solution. These private spaces give employees the freedom to make both work-related and personal calls, participate in Zoom meetings without disruptions, and eliminate the need for staff to leave their workspace to find privacy for phone conversations.


Moreover, these soundproof enclosures also prevent sound from entering and exiting the booth, allowing employees to have conversations without disturbing their nearby coworkers.


Confidential conversations with clients, shielded from the prying ears of colleagues, lead to a noticeable decrease in stress levels and boost conversational confidence. The increased privacy within these phone booths not only helps maintain focus on the conversation at hand but also aids in building rapport with clients. This can ultimately enhance performance metrics that are crucial for securing important business deals.


At TFT Office Trends, an array of modern private phone booths is available, known for their outstanding performance and easy assembly process. These office sanctuaries are particularly useful in call-intensive corporate environments. Our interior design experts offer a selection of top-tier models designed to match your goals, budget, and the visual appeal of your workspace.


High-Quality Office Phone Booths


The psychological consequences of open-plan setups—lacking auditory isolation and personal space—lead to compromised productivity levels and even impact mental well-being. The noise generated in such environments has been associated with worsening mental health challenges. While phone booths offer a solution, it's important to note that not all options on the market provide the desired effectiveness.


Consulting with Workspace Experts


The shift towards acoustic sanctuaries that create a quiet workspace is gaining momentum in corporate settings. However, with numerous options available, finding the right phone booth can be challenging.


While office phone booths are relatively new, the experienced interior design consultants at TFT Office Trends have conducted practical research to identify the best options across different budget levels.


During consultations, our aim is to understand how you plan to use the phone booths and suggest optimal placements throughout your office.


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