TFT Acoustic Office Pods Are The Best Places For Google Meetings

In recent years, online communication tools like Zoom and Google Meet have become essential for remote work and daily communication. Zoom alone estimated 20 million daily meeting participants in 2022, compared to just 10 million in December 2019, indicating the growing dependence of workplaces on these platforms.


We understand the importance of creating a productive and efficient office environment. That's why we've recently launched our newest innovation, the TFT Pro-type office pod, which is transforming the way people take calls in the office.


Office environments can be noisy and disruptive, making it challenging to take important client calls. In an effort to cut rental costs, companies have been designing more open-plan workspaces, which can make it even harder for employees to take calls. Traditional phone booths have been making a comeback in recent years, but they often lack comfort and space.


The TFT Pro-type office pod takes the idea of an office phone booth to a whole new level. Our acoustic booth is designed with a strong focus on ergonomics and air quality, providing employees with a private and comfortable space to work, take meetings, or recharge during a busy workday. Unlike regular phone booths that are often uncomfortable, small, stuffy, and provide limited air ventilation, our booths are spacious, comfortable, and offer excellent air quality, making them ideal for extended calls.


With the TFT Pro-type office pod, we're helping companies create a productive and efficient office environment while ensuring their employees' well-being and comfort.

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