Understanding How Acoustic Panels Work

Over the years, many technologically advanced systems have been invented to help improve the sound quality whether in homes or at offices. However, all the systems have been focusing on some type of technology and connectors.


In all the havoc, there is one thing that is not in the abstract but gives more impressive results in filtering noise pollution; Acoustic panels absorb the extra sounds and improve their quality by decreasing the number of sound waves. And yes, they do really work if installed correctly. 


Understanding the Interference of Sound Waves

When a lot of people are speaking simultaneously, it becomes hard to understand who is saying what because the sound waves keep reflecting off the walls. This mixture of voices and bounced back waves create an environment of nuance. This is where the acoustic panels come in and improve the quality of audio in the room by absorbing the sounds and reducing the sound waves.


How Acoustic Panels Help to Improve Sound Quality

The acoustic panels are made of insulators and foamy materials that have high sound absorption. Once they bounce the sound waves, the material used traps the waves inside, hence, reducing the number of waves.


The panels have some geometrical shapes on them, which works as funnels for helping trap the sound waves.


In case, your panels are not accurately made or are placed wrongly, it can cause all the sound waves to get mixed and get scattered all over the place.


In this way, acoustic panels are extremely helpful in controlling the number of waves by eradicating extra reflection of sound waves and their interference.


Two important things to consider here.


  1. The first is to select panels that are thick enough to absorb the sound. It is recommended to have panels at least 1-inch thickness.
  2. The second aspect is the number of panels and their placement. Our team of experts usually recommends going for 15-20% wall coverage because acoustics actually work if placed precisely.


Importance of Acoustic Panels and Other Products in Offices


In office environments, increased noises can cause disturbance at work. Consequently, worsening the work climate. The noises traveling from seeps of doors and other pathways can add to the loud voices of employees, affecting productivity.


We at TFT systems have several office acoustic solutions that can help you make the office environment more workable and less quirky.


Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic wall panels are primarily used for treating walls as it mounts to them and contributes a major amount of sound absorption because the panels exhibit NGR to as high a range as 0.95. The wall treatment is the best option if you are limited on space as it will absorb sound waves from all around, providing improved sound system.

TFT systems have various and all options for you to choose from. You can select your choice of fabric and materials for your office.

We work to deliver excellence. Hereby, our team will first explore the primary points of reflection of your office space and afterward place the panels near these points to maximize the sound absorption right after being reflected off.


Office Partitions

Modern times call for modern solutions and open workstations are one such example of it. When workers are in such close proximity, it increases the chances of intensified disturbance. On top of that, the issue of privacy is of utmost concern.

TFT systems have an abundance of office partition ideas for you to overcome this problem. You can choose the office partition according to your office design and theme. Some options that we offer include hanging baffles, embossed desk screens, freestanding walls, and flower workstations.

You can also add customized images on the panels to add a personal touch to them i.e. DIY acoustic panels for your office space.


Acoustic Ceiling and Acoustic Lighting

Acoustic Ceiling Panels is an excellent option if you have large open spaces and are short on the wall area. It is recommended to start by covering 25% - 35% of ceilings with Acoustic Ceiling Covers. It is the most preferable as the ceiling is etoly upon the area and absorbs equal distortion. Some options we provide are Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, Acoustic Clouds, Acoustic Baffles, Acoustic Wall Hangings, etc. We provide both horizontal and vertical solutions for acoustic ceiling treatments.


Acoustic lighting is one rather contemporary idea launched in acoustic treatments. As we say, "Better Lighting, Less Distraction, Great productivity". We believe that without appropriate lighting, the focus cannot be driven to work. Hence, negatively reinforcing the employees. The better lighting, on top of that, acoustic lighting not only helps to optimize the environment by reducing the sound waves but also sheds equal prompt lighting that enhances the physical as well as mental health.

TFT systems have several lighting options from hanging lighting in verticals to the horizontal pyramid and zigzag lighting. Additionally, you can also get the lighting customized according to your wishes and office theme.


Office Phone Booths

Apart from all the acoustic solutions for your office spaces, we have office phone booths for you that can be used for additional privacy for your employees, rooms for tasks that need concentration, and for employee group meetings.

All our booths are eco-friendly, made of fire retardant plywood, have a thickness of up to 50 mm, and have an aluminum metal frame structure for resistance and safety.

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