What are acoustic pods and which one is right for your office?

Acoustic pods have become a game-changer in modern workplaces, where open-plan layouts are becoming increasingly common. They offer a simple yet effective solution to create privacy and reduce noise in busy work environments. Whether you're looking to add an extra meeting room, a private workspace, or a comfortable resting area, acoustic pods can be the perfect solution for your office.


At TFT office pod, we understand the importance of having a workspace that caters to your employees' needs. That's why we offer a range of acoustic pods in various sizes and shapes, designed with acoustic properties in mind. Our pods are designed to provide a comfortable, quiet, and distraction-free environment, enabling staff to carry out focused work, hold private conversations, or even catch up on some sleep.


Our range of acoustic pods includes office phone booths, meeting pods, work pods, and even sleep pods. You can choose from various options, including pods with doors or open pods, depending on your specific needs. Our pods are equipped with acoustic insulation to absorb sound and prevent it from traveling outside the pod, ensuring privacy and reducing noise levels in the open office.


Once you've chosen your perfect acoustic pod, it's time to decide on the finishing touches. We offer integrated furniture options, standing workspaces, and lighting options to create a personalized and functional workspace.


Acoustic pods are not only beneficial to employees but also for customers visiting your office. They offer a quiet and private space for business meetings, consultations, or phone calls, ensuring confidentiality and professionalism.


If you work in an open-plan office, you'll know how loud and distracting the environment can be. Studies show that distractions can cost an average of 90 minutes per day in lost productivity. Acoustic pods effectively limit distractions in the workplace and provide private spaces for employees to work in, away from the open office.


In conclusion, acoustic pods are moveable pieces of furniture that provide spaces to work, manipulate sound levels, and serve different functions. They are an excellent solution for modern workplaces that lack privacy and quiet areas. With a wide range of options available, you can choose the perfect acoustic pod that suits your office's specific needs and create a productive and comfortable workspace for your employees.

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