What’s the most productive work space from home in 2022?

What Are Prefab Backyard Offices/Studios?

‘Prefab’ is short for ‘prefabricated’, meaning a building which is assembled in a factory before being transported to the particular site(outdoor open space, backyard, garden…) where the building is situated.

Prefabs has a big advantage, it can be convenient and cheaper than the other options, because the factory will be specifically geared up to build, finish and decorate your backyard office – meaning that the fixed costs will be lower.

Labor costs will also be lower because there will be an element of a ‘production line’ to speed up time spent on each building.

Prefabs backyard office pod will be shipped by container and delivered on the back of a truck.

Assuming that getting the prefab building into your desired place will not be too much work, a prefab might be the perfect option for you.


What’s the most productive work space from home in 2022?

From 2.15m*2.15m*2.2m(H) size to 5.8/11m*2.16m*2.4m(H) garden studio can serve as an outdoor office space, games room, gym, art studio or guest room and can be assembled in just delivery on site without prior preparation needed.

It is becoming popular for home office, fun playroom Yoga space,Bar House and Guest House…

TFT-OPOD is a free-standing prefab unit that assembled from factory and the interior space is open and neutral coming with a series of prefabricated elements, such as solar panels power cabin, air conditioner pre-made hole, the wired for plug,USB,Air conditional -and-play convenience.

This ready made pod houses are adaptable and simple to construct. In addition, these are typically soundproof pods so that you won't be conscious of any noises surrounding you.

Created with simplicity and usability in mind, the Pod comes equipped with air conditioning(optional), LED lighting, and handy outlets for all your gadgets, devices, and technology needs.

Once assembled, users can just connect to a power source and they’re good to go.

Pod works on any terrain, no concrete surface needed, we call it all terrain and weather type.

Its elevated feet can be adjusted to precisely the right custom heights so the pod stays flat and stable, even on slopes and rough ground. Load it up with whatever furnishings you like; Pod is built to evenly distribute up to four tons of weight.

Because the Pod is built for outdoor use too and it has to withstand most weather conditions, including wind, rain and snow, and is slightly elevated above the ground, which helps protect it from insects, water and mold while keeping the studio free from moisture and humidity.

We enjoy our fresh opod homes because of their eco-friendly feel, flexibility, faster construction, and comparatively low-cost comparison to standard builds

Surely,users also have the option to purchase a fully equipped work Pod, complete with an comfortable Chair and SmartDesk, even some fitness equipments, and fun play kits…

Especially, our fresh OPods are also adaptable, and can be dismantled and transported for re-assembly at a new location as needed, offering flexibility and longevity.

Prices start from $9500, with early bird shipments starting right now.

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    hello. I am from Chile, and I would like more information about this product. as values, and interior design. thank you

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