Why Do We Need Soundproof Acoustic Phone Booth In The Office?

When most people hear the word "pod", What comes to their mind may be a spacecraft or a cabin. But in fact the pod is our newest type of office soundproofing office facility. These pods, also known as phone booths, office pods and acoustic pods, are becoming increasingly popular in today's open-plan offices. So, what exactly are these pods and why are they here?

Over the last thirty years it has become clear that the open plan office is a busy and sometimes overwhelming work environment. Whether you're dealing with noise distractions in the office, a colleague taking a phone call outside the conference room, or the person sitting next to you Hard to hit the keyboard, the typing sound is particularly loud, it can be a painful way to spend your day. While many companies try to make it easier for people to use room dividers or cubicles, people who work in these environments will tell you that it doesn't help.


Imagine If you're surrounded by noise and hyper coworkers all the time,Can you get down to work? Everyone needs private space to be creative and relax. The typical office environment is designed to maximize square footage, not employee happiness or efficiency. This is where our soundproof office acoustic phone booths come in handy. We provide meeting spaces that reduce office distractions and increase employee happiness and overall efficiency.

If you've never seen a phone booth, imagine something like a New York phone booth but more modern. In the past few years, the choice of acoustic office pods has proliferated and you can get one-person pods, two-person pods and four-person pods. You can even decorate the room with your colleague, choosing art and room chairs or bar stools to match your office. These small soundproof meeting rooms are perfect for focusing attention.


We usually caution people against Phone booths that have a lot of glass or are made mostly of fabric. While fabric phone booths look really pretty, they usually don't work very well, and many customers complain that they waste thousands of dollars on office acoustic phone booths that no one really uses. When buying an acoustic office pod, you should look for a unit that has the ability to block sound through wall panels or something similar. 

The next thing you need to consider is the fact that this is a work bay, so the soundproof office acoustic phone booth should have the necessary items that people need to work. Does it have adequate ventilation, lighting, usb chargers, power outlets, desks, conference rooms-you get the idea.

Once you know you have found an acoustic pod that is built from solid materials and has the necessary features, you should consider whether the unit is modular, which means whether it is easy to assemble. While you are researching this, see how easy the acoustic phone booth is to disassemble. You will want to invest in a unit that you can take with you when you move to the next location. These soundproof pods are not your typical office furniture, and if you pick a good one, you'll never want to work in an open office without it again.


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