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From the current purchase situation, the conventional models of soundproof booths are more in the office series of scenes, whether in the company, home, or in public places, the use of acoustic booths is also mostly for people's office. But the use of the silent booth scene is broad, this time we specialize in new processing of the silent booth according to the music scene. The world of music is like no one else, when inspiration is at hand, a quiet environment is very necessary. The world of music is crazy, and emotionally charged, the less disturbance is of great benefit to the creation of music. So in response to this situation, TFT has specially designed a silent pod that is more in line with the music scene, evolving the silent room composed of two acoustic panels and two acoustic glasses with three sides and four layers of acoustic panels and one acoustic glass, increasing the privacy and also improving the effect of sound insulation. The interior of the soundproof booth also retains the conventional devices and is as easy to use as ever.


Product code: EPOD9
Product name: Soundproof Music Studio Room
External dimension:
Internal dimension: 1330mm*1044mm*2025mm
Weight: 390kg
Materials: Steel base+1 Tempered Privacy Glass+3 Soundproof panel+Graphic Design Vibrant and personalized design
Frame color: Black, White Or Customized 
Inside wall color: Dark grey, Light Grey, Black...24 Colors
Noise reduction: Normal type: 30-35 dB  
  Recording room: 40-50 dB
Ventilation: Ventilation fan or fresh air system
Power supply: American Standard, European, British, Standard, etc.
Voltage: 110-240v/50HZ
Related service: Logo printed on the frame, barstools, and TV brackets available
Application: Music room/phone booth/meeting room/live broadcast/recording
Space: Office, home, airport, shopping center, bar



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4. We provide three kinds of shipping methods: sea freight, air freight and express delivery, of which sea freight is the default method and the additional costs incurred by air freight and express delivery are borne by the buyer.

5. Normally customized products need 10 days production and 7 days air shipping to worldwide; but heavy products like soundproof booth often shipped by sea shipping to overseas needs 2-7 days to Korea and Japan, Singapore…; 20 days to Middle East and East Africa markets; 30 days to USA, Canada markets; 40 days to UK… European markets.

6. Cargo transportation agent can also be designated by the buyer, but the additional costs incurred by the buyer to bear.

7. If the goods are unusable due to the quality of the product, the seller supports refund or compensation.

8. Online or email communication to get more accurate port fee discount.

For example

Soundproof phone booth products office partitions and acoustic panel products suitable for sea shipping.

Acoustic lightings and soundproof desktop screen PET UV printing panels products are suitable for air freight.



SHIPPING WAY OPTIONAL Sea Shipping Air Shipping Express
ASIA 2-7 days 2-5 days 2-5 days
AUSTRALIA&NEW ZEALAND 15-20 days 5-7 days 3-5 days
AMERICA 20-30 days 7-10 days 5-7 days
RUROPE 30-40 days 7-10 days 5-7 days
AFRICA 20-40 days 7-10 days 5-7 days
MIDDLE EAST 10-20 days 5-7 days 3-5 days

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