TFT Office Phone Booth,Economical Office Meeting Pod For 4 Persons

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The price displayed online above is one unit of the product including door-to-door reference cost. If you purchase 2 or more units of product, you are welcome to communicate online or by email to get a discounted wholesale price. In the everyday office environment, employees are always moving projects forward through communication or decision-making discussions. However, requesting a meeting room or discussing loudly at a workstation can always cause...

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In the everyday office environment, employees are always moving projects forward through communication or decision-making discussions. However, requesting a meeting room or discussing loudly at a workstation can always cause unnecessary problems. This is where the presence of a silent room is of paramount importance. Meeting soundproof pods are available in different sizes and can accommodate different numbers of people in a meeting. Silent rooms are either completely enclosed, usually consisting of a glass door and back panel, or completely open. Enclosed silent booths are more conducive to improved acoustics as there are fewer places for sound to escape and enter, providing a place to talk to others in more privacy. In addition, meeting cabins are underfloor and will be decorated with carpet, which not only guarantees the silence of the booth but also adds to the aesthetics.

We are happy to present our trend office technology of what's your next move, which is showing how to keep the office flexible for the first day and then for the next years. Another product which we are presenting again at architect is send up our results designed product. We are presenting also our system of the office acoustic walls, acoustic ones which are mobile. So you can put it next to your workstation to create a quiet way of working


Product code: EPOD4
Product name: 4 users-Soundproof Acoustic pod
External Dimension: W1800*D1500*H2300mm/71''x59''x90''
Internal Dimension: W1637*D1355*H2030mm/64''x53''x80''
Weight: 600 kgs
Frame Material: Steel, tempered glass
Frame Color: Black, white, or customized 
Inside wall color: Dark grey, light grey, or customized
Noise Reduction: Normal type: 30-35 dB      Recording room: 40-50 dB
Ventilation: Ventilation fan or fresh air system
Power Supply: American Standard, European, British, German standard, etc.
Voltage: 110-240v/50HZ
Related service: Logo printed on the frame, glass Sticker, Sofa, standing  desk optional/available
Application: Phonebooth/meeting room/live broadcast/recording
Space: Office, home, airport, shopping center, restaurant
  The exhibition, event, etc.



1. Shipping Price Negotiable, shipping method varies according to the product and customer's suggestion. Negotiate Now

2. The default price shown on the website includes the shipping cost from Shanghai to major ports in the world.

3. Shipping from Shanghai warehouse to America, European, Middle East, Asia, Africa…worldwide markets.

4. We provide three kinds of shipping methods: sea freight, air freight and express delivery, of which sea freight is the default method and the additional costs incurred by air freight and express delivery are borne by the buyer.

5. Normally customized products need 10 days production and 7 days air shipping to worldwide; but heavy products like soundproof booth often shipped by sea shipping to overseas needs 2-7 days to Korea and Japan, Singapore…; 20 days to Middle East and East Africa markets; 30 days to USA, Canada markets; 40 days to UK… European markets.

6. Cargo transportation agent can also be designated by the buyer, but the additional costs incurred by the buyer to bear.

7. If the goods are unusable due to the quality of the product, the seller supports refund or compensation.

8. Online or email communication to get more accurate port fee discount.

For example

Soundproof phone booth products office partitions and acoustic panel products suitable for sea shipping.

Acoustic lightings and soundproof desktop screen PET UV printing panels products are suitable for air freight.



SHIPPING WAY OPTIONAL Sea Shipping Air Shipping Express
ASIA 2-7 days 2-5 days 2-5 days
AUSTRALIA&NEW ZEALAND 15-20 days 5-7 days 3-5 days
AMERICA 20-30 days 7-10 days 5-7 days
RUROPE 30-40 days 7-10 days 5-7 days
AFRICA 20-40 days 7-10 days 5-7 days
MIDDLE EAST 10-20 days 5-7 days 3-5 days

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